Data Analytics Institute (DANAI) aims at providing data insight through data exploration, visualization and analysis

Trainings, Workshops and Seminars
i) Data Exploration, Visualization and Analysis (DEVA)

DANAI offers training in data visualization for better data insights and data analysis. The best results are from 2 to 3 day customized trainings where staff is trained on first day in best practices and then hands-on practice during next day(s). In data visualization workshops attendees not only expand their graphic literacy and learn best practices to create effective charts but also learn how to tell a story with data. Moreover, they learn what are the best visualizations and why data visual literacy is as indispensable as good writing and reading skills. DANAI also helps participants in redesigning their data with better visualizations.

ii) Trainings in Data Analysis:

DANAI also offers on-site half, full-, and multi-day workshop in data science, applied econometrics, and applied Biostatistics using tools including Excel, STATA,SPSS, R and Tableau. In other courses attendees get data insight through exploratory data analysis and model buildings using Stata/SPSS, R and EVIEWS. Besides learning tools for effective model building, participants also get rich knowledge of which model is the best for a particular case.

Data Assistance

DANAI helps to have a good story with graphs. It also assists in improving graphs and tables for prerparing reports, making data dashboards, diagrams, and slideshows ranging from basic to advanced level. It often serves an advisory role in projects, offering verbal and written feedback to guide your staff members down the right path in their own designs. DANAI offers both on-demand trainings and data analytics.


DANAI provides special assistance to individual researchers in academia mostly in an advisory capacity free of cost. Research students are encouraged to discuss their objectives, questionnaire and data to get feedback.

Organizations with whom Zahid Asghar has worked

QAU , PIDE, International Rescue Committee, GTZ, H&H Consultants, LEAD, State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Food Security and Research, HEC Faculty Development Program

Being a man of models in economics and statistics , I have been feeling since last many years that these models are good but often requires lot of skills for getting understanding of the issue at hand.I have discovered that its data power which is governing the recent world but my students, colleagues, persons working in various organizations are lacking these skills to harness the power of data.

So I have started working on imparting trainings in the field, writing occasionally on social media and blogs as well to improve upon the things. Now its my passion to work with professionals on better organization of data, data visualization and having right chart for the right purpose. In addition I also work in area of predictive data analytics. Purpose of having DANAI is to reach maximum people so that all of us learn modern data analytics as data are ubiquitous but insight is hard.

We use Excel , R, Tableau and Stata/SPSS  for data analysis and impart basic training in the area of data analysis, predictive analytic in many fields ranging from business intelligence to biostatistics. Additionally, we offer assistance in data analysis, improving data graphs and tables for reports writings.